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'You can't just say: We've all got to cut back. It can't be done.'

Huw Spanner talks to the leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett

Winter 16 Natalie Bennett

In 2012, Natalie Bennett gave up a successful career in journalism and was elected leader of the Green Party of England and Wales. ThirdWay shared a platform with her at St Pancras Station.



Winter 16 Sadness

Obey the Sadness

Lamentation is a core faith tradition, but many of us struggle with the idea that God might accompany us in times of tragedy. Sarah Bessey is learning the hard way that there are times when we need simply to make peace with our despair.

Winter 16 Obama

Obama's faith journey

Barack Obama would make a good theologian, according to novelist Marilynne Robinson - while Richard Dawkins is sure he's a closet atheist and conspiracy theorists insist he's a secret Muslim. Christopher Jackson tracks the true beliefs of the 44th President at the start of his final year in office.


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Winter 16