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About Us

Third Way magazine is a monthly magazine dedicated to Christian thinking on culture, society, economics and politics. It was launched in January 1977 by a wing of the Church that had begun to rediscover the imperative of social responsibility which, with some notable exceptions, it had long neglected.

Its title refers to a comment by the theologian Os Guinness in a book entitled The Dust of Death: 'How often in the contemporary discussion a sensitive modern man knows that he cannot accept either of the polarised alternatives offered to him. In Christianity, however, there can be a Third Way, a true middle ground which has a basis, is never compromise and is far from silent.'

Along the way, we've picked up some keen fans:

"Inclusive and intelligent" Bono

"Professional, imaginative, unafraid, it makes an irreplaceable contribution." Archbishop Rowan Williams


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Who's who


The editor, Simon Jones.


The reviews editor, Sally Fraser.


Huw Spanner looks after 'High Profile'.


Nick Thorpe edits the features.


Hannah Kowszun does 'Faith in Practice'.


Martyn Halsall finds the poems.