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Take the Bishops

This month's Agnostic Anonymous

READ MORE Published January 2012

PInk Pound

The "Gaystapo"

READ MORE Published December 2011

The real thing

Atheism's Pepsi challenge

READ MORE Published November 2011

Pregnant pause

False conceptions

READ MORE Published October 2011

War and peace

Tina Beattie and Michael Snape discuss Luke 6:27 - 31.

READ MORE Published July 2008

Family matters

Lisa Sowle Cahill, Mary Stewart van Leeuwen, David Balch, Pamela Couture and Don Browning discuss differing Christian responses to the idea of family.

READ MORE Published June 2008

Beholding the man

Marcus Borg, Luke Timothy Johnson, Deirdre Good, Tom Wright, and John Dominic Crossan offer their personal responses to Jesus' question in Matthew 16:15.

READ MORE Published May 2008

Charging a commission

Joel Edwards and Theo Hobson discuss Matthew 28:16-20

READ MORE Published April 2008