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Christening the fonts

Typographical sample books (see extract right) are delicious things. Like Radio 4's Shipping Forecast they are full of seemingly abstract language and delivered with style.

Deciding on a font set for the magazine was equally laden with nautical imagery, a case of which ones were not quite necessary enough to be pulled aboard the lifeboat. Farewell Fabiol, goodbye Georgia, you will be of value somewhere. In the end we decided on three. Tribute is our body text (such a beautiful 'g'), and Myriad our sans serif (its name is legion, and its uses are many).

But most charming of all is our headline font, Mrs Eaves. She is a revival of a font made by John Baskerville, and the name of the housekeeper he would later marry. That this was within a month of the death of her first husband is a moral point I'm afraid we shall have to ignore. Or forgive. Or, perhaps a better aim for a re-launched Christian magazine, redeem.