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Lifted Up from the Earth

Big crossIs your church's cross big enough? Perhaps you haven't even measured it, in which case you will almost certainly be falling far short of more thrusting churches when it comes to glorifying God architecturally.

Sagemont Church in Houston, Texas has so far raised $15.7 million towards a building project that includes (among much else) a 170ft white cross, available 24/7 for praying people to kneel at.

It's not even the largest in Texas. That glory goes to a roadside cross of 190ft (pictured below) built at Groom, Texas, by Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ Ministries. Sagemont originally planned to match that, but the aviation authorities prevented them.

The purpose of such hugeness, says Sagemont's Pastor John Morgan, 'is for people to know how special they are to God'. Though if visitors come via Groom they might already think they're a bit more special than that.

Plans were made in 2007 to build 'the world's largest cross' in Nazareth (the one in Palestine, population two-thirds Muslim), 200ft tall, containing a church at the intersection, and 7.2m tiles, sponsored for $100 each. Such a project might suggest many things about the people behind it, but above all, lack of research: the cross of Valle de los Caídos near Madrid is 500ft.