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So they say

I've written bits of standup about being a Catholic but never tried them out. I suppose I think my old fans are still there wanting me to talk about anal sex. I don't want to completely let them down.
The comedian Frank Skinner. His attempt at a book - about a 50-year-old Christian superhero called Thunderman  - stalled at 60,000 words.

If people don't ask the questions, we don't raise the subject. Questions of budgets or personal morality hardly ever come up.
David Dimbleby on BBC Question Time.

I'm not saying I can make someone put down a gun and turn their life around, but I think I have a better chance than Gordon Brown.
The actor and musician Ashley Walters, formerly of So Solid Crew, who was convicted of carrying a gun in 2001.

If Jesus had not existed, the Catholic church would never have invented him. Jesus is a colossal embarrassment to the Catholic church.
Matthew Parris, atheist and former MP.