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Film round up

Jeremy Clarke

Schwarzenegger zombie movie Maggie (cert 15; 95 mins) confronts mortality. Australia's effective horror 100 Bloody Acres (cert 15; 90 mins) concerns farmers while Cub (cert tbc; 84 mins) cleverly shifts viewpoint as it terrorises encamped scouts. Enjoyable Alien rip-off Contamination (BD/DVD combi cert 15; 95 mins) has a handy intro to Italian exploitation cinema. Society (BD/DVD combi cert 18; 99 mins) mixes Californian teen paranoia with arresting, surreal imagery. Spanish arthouse Story of my Death (DVD cert 15; 144 mins) chastises Christianity via old aged Casanova and Dracula. A Swedish artist intelligently challenges former school bullies at The Reunion (cert 15; 90 mins). David Gordon Green directs Al Pacino in rigorous character study Manglehorn (cert 12a; 97 mins). Compelling drama 52 Tuesdays (cert tbc; 109 mins) has a teen deal with her mum's gender transition. A comedienne plays the leading man in Japan's likeable Fukuchan of Fukufuku Flats (DVD cert 15; 111 mins). Taiwan's charming Salute! Sun Yat-sen (DVD, VoD cert 12; 89 mins) observes a teen school heist attempt. Fascinating documentary The First Film (cert PG; 110 mins) asks, were moving images first shot in Leeds? Russian silent Man with a Movie Camera (cert U; 68 mins) has a wonderful new Alloy Orchestra score. Italy's The Wonders (cert 15; 110 mins) packs terrific beekeeping scenes. Jordanian desert actioner Theeb (cert tbc; 100 mins) plays like a Western. Gripping crime thriller Marshland (cert 15; 104 mins) boasts striking, Southern Spanish locations. For Ealing, screenwriter T. E. B. Clarke wrote both 1950's The Magnet (DVD cert U; 74 mins) with child star James Fox in an innocent tale of misunderstanding and 1946's Hue And Cry (BD, DVD cert U; 78 mins) with climactic scenes of boys pursuing crooks over bombed out London building sites. These scenes influenced 1953's Skid Kids on fabulous cycling shorts collection On Yer Bike (DVD cert E; 236 mins.). Ealing's engaging, 1954 colour drama Out of the Clouds (DVD cert U; 88 mins) is built around Heathrow Airport's ground staff, flight crews and passengers. In a lovingly restored, extras-laden package, Docklands gangster movie The Long Good Friday comes with director John Mackenzie's nightmarish 1977 children's farm safety film Apaches and lowlife Bob Hoskins vehicle Mona Lisa (BD/DVD combi cert 18; 110 + 77 + 100 mins). Italian Mafia movie Milano Calibro 9 (BD/DVD combi, cert 15; 102 mins) also features excellent extras.
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