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Face beholding glory

Evangelicals in Brazil have launched a social network on which bad language or sexual content is completely banned. Facegloria, which has attracted 100,000 members since its launch in June, lists 600 words that are forbidden on the site and an 'Amen' button for expressing appreciation for a status update. Facegloria is currently only available in Portuguese but other language services are planned. 'On Facebook you see a lot of violence and pornography. That's why we thought of creating a network where we could talk about God, love and to spread His word,' the web designer Atilla Barros told AFP. Mr Barros and his three co-founders were working for the mayor of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, when they came up with the idea. A Mr dos Santos has since invested $16,000 (£10,000) in the business. 'Our network is global. We have bought the Faceglory domain in English and in all possible languages. We want to take on Facebook and Twitter here and everywhere,' he said. Religion has always sought to adopt new technology for evangelism, of course. The programmer John Graham-Cumming says that 'There are some [programming] languages which have some religious symbols, the most notable is a language called Perl,' 'It was written by Larry Wall who is a Christian, and who has expressed that Christian faith, and within the language there are little clues about that. One of the key words is "bless" - you can bless something, and it has a technical meaning.' The developer Terry Davis spent ten years building a publically available Christian operating system, TempleOS, which is full of Biblical quotes and references. 'TempleOS is God's official temple. Just like Solomon's temple, this is a community focal point where offerings are made and God's oracle is consulted,' reads the operating system's charter