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Beneath the Cross


The mysteries of divine providence are a knotty subject for believers, and stories such as the troubles of David Jimenez do not help to disentangle it.  

David took to praying for his wife Delia before a stone crucifix in St Patrick's Catholic Church in Newburgh, New York, because she was suffering from cancer. In 2010, Delia's recovered from her cancer. The couple attributed her healing to divine intervention; it would seem ungracious not to when that's what you have been constantly praying for.

They wanted to express their gratitude and so Delia applied to the church for permission for David to clean the crucifix. Permission was granted, but as he scrubbed the image, standing on a stool, it fell from the wall and crushed his leg. He was taken to Westchester Medical Center, and his leg was amputated.

The church has collected donations of food and $7,000 for the family. But while giving God the credit for blessings received at the foot of the cross, David has blamed the church for the damage it did, and has sued it for $2-3m. His lawyer claims that the cross was 'defective' and that the priest was guilty of 'negligently telling someone to go forward with an action and causing this accident'.