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Out of the mouths

Cuddle 'n' CooMia Williams of New York state bought a Fisher Price Little Mommy Cuddle 'n' Coo baby doll because it laughed when she walked past it in the shop. The dolls also move their arms and heads, gurgle and say 'Momma'.

Only later in the car did she discover the doll's hidden agenda. 'All of a sudden', she told Fox local news 'it says "Islam is the light" and I'm like "Turn down the radio!'"

Word has got around, and enough alarmed parents have complained for Wal-Mart to take the toy off its shelves.

Christian groups have weighed in. 'This is not a healthy thing to be putting in the marketplace when we're in a war on terror,' says Jan Markell of Olive Trees Ministries, 'and little children are so susceptible to the messages they hear - even from a doll'.

Pastor Mark McClelland of Huntsville, Alabama called for its recall. 'As a pastor,' he told local TV, 'I'm not threatened by a doll. But as a dad, I feel Fisher Price has an obligation to either pull it off the shelves or label it for what it is'. Fisher Price says that people are hearing words that were never meant to be there. The toy was on sale for months before anyone started hearing the alleged message. Nevertheless, future Cuddle 'n' Coo dolls will be censored.

The suspicion that parents are being a touch paranoid is not allayed by the fact that some have also heard her say 'Satan is King'. Mixed messages, surely.

Perhaps the most striking thing about all this, from mainstream news to blogs, is the attitude to Islam it casually reveals. The alleged phrase 'Islam is the light' was described by Fox as 'sounding more hate than love'.