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Coming together

butterflies.jpg'People think we walk around with guns all day,' says Avi Levy, 'but we also make love.' Levy is an Israeli businessman whose unique contribution to the peace process is to bring together Jews and Palestinians to make pornography.

'The people on the streets get along fine,' he says. 'We're intertwined. The problems are caused by the leaders, by the extremists. Our lives are together. Why not have sex together?'

For this off-roadmap, Levy uses anyone who was born in the Holy Land, but not immigrants. Titles include The Rabbi's Daughter and Kosher Lesbians.
He sells them through the website, parpar being Hebrew for 'butterfly' but also meaning 'to sleep around'.

'I don't make anyone do something they don't want to,' Levy insists. They're over 18. They're not drug addicts. It's their choice. Many people come not because of the money, but because they're exhibitionists.'

Some are married women who bring their husbands along. 'It is an adventure,' Levy says.

Whatever his services may be, they are certainly discreet. Whatever customers buy from him shows up on their credit card bill as 'Fuel supplies'.