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So they say

It's foolish to think you're gonna live for ever, but I do think I'm going to live until I die.
The actor Morgan Freeman.

I'm an evolutionist but I happen to believe that Jesus was some incarnation of God. My epiphany for that came from looking at virtual realities, god-games. Those who create the rules always want to put themselves inside the world they have made to see how it feels. There it was: the Christian story.
Kevin Kelly, the co-founder and editor-at-large of Wired magazine.

When I sat down, a pulse of sheer spiritual joy shot through me. Not the joy that lifts you off the ground, but the joy that gives you complete peace and contentment. I knew then I was no longer a tourist in Islam but a traveller inside the Ummah.
The journalist Lauren Booth (sister-in-law of Tony Blair) on her conversion to Islam at a shrine in Iran.