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So they say...

"The illness of the funereal face. "
One of the sins Pope Francis warned Cardinals they may be guilty of at Christmas. He offered a list of 15 pitfalls that included 'spiritual Alzheimer's,' 'spiritual petrification,' a feeling of being immortal and the 'satanic assassination' of gossipping officials.


"It shouldn't be considered odd that someone from my era is using Twitter, because it was my generation that invented radar and rocket science."
The RAF veteran and activist, Harry Leslie Smith, 91, who has 20,000 followers on the social media site.


"My brother was Muslim and he was killed by people who pretend to be Muslims. They are terrorists, that's it."
Malek Merabet, the brother of police officer Ahmed whose brutal murder by the Kouachi brothers was filmed by onlookers near the Charlie Hebdo office.


"She has proved that there are still great roles for women over 40 as long as you get hired when you're under 40."
Amy Poehler, the co-host of the Golden Globe Awards, on Patricia Arquette's win for her role in Boyhood.


"Fix society. Please."
Leelah Alcorn, transgender teenager, in a suicide note which told of how her mother insisted that 'God doesn't make mistakes.'