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Street walking

Over Christmas a Christian street team of volunteers returned to Norwich for the first time in a year - this time armed with lollipops and flipflops to help defuse any trouble.

The Norfolk Street Partnership aims to help those vulnerable on the streets of Norwich at night. The team offers flipflops because 'So many lovely young girls who come up in high heels can't survive the evening,' says Reverend Deb Cousins. 'It's the very practical aspect of giving them something flat to walk home in, without having to mind out if they stand on any glass.'

The NSP is part of the Christian Nightlife Initiatives Network. After a year of restructuring the team is now working every weekend, with volunteers operating in teams of four from 22:00 to 03:00 helping wayward clubbers and the homeless.

'The little that we do in the night-time economy seems to have made, over the years, a big difference to how people feel about themselves knowing there's someone who cares,' said Ms Cousins.

'Being friendly can make a big difference to to the people who are out - be it the clubbers or the rough sleepers.'

'It's great to know such a simple thing has such a profound effect, we're part of a team that looking after the night-time economy and that's a great feeling.'