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So they say

Because we're in a bit of a state. We're the most depressed nation in Europe: we take the most illegal drugs, we have more alcohol-related days off. And when you're in a bit of a state, you need cheering up. Religion doesn't cut it any more, so what do you do? Go out and have a good old laugh.
The comedian Bill Bailey on why there is a comedy boom in Britain..

You want to know what Jesus would say? If I was there, I'd get my megaphone out and go through the scriptures. That would move them on.
Rose Hudson-Wilkin, a chaplain at the House of Commons, on WWJD signs.

When I first saw a picture of the crucifixion, I lost respect for my parents. I suddenly realised what the world is like - full of cruelty and hypocrisy. I thought they'd been lying to me by telling me only about the baby Jesus, rather than what happened to him.
The fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.