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So they say

I won't lie - turning 75 is a bit of a shock. I have wondered what I've got going for me now, but then I remember that it's really not important to have anything going for me at this stage.
The Catholic poet Roger McGough.

It's the non-biblical equivalent of Judas and Jesus, but it must happen.
The Daily Mirror's demand that the X-Factor judge Gary Barlow vote against one of the acts he has been mentoring.

I don't know many artists who've managed a career without bringing these things up.
Tim Dwane, from the acoustic pop band Mumford & Sons, on why there is so much spiritual imagery in their songs.

Work is a prayer.
Joseph E Murray, the surgeon who performed the first human kidney transplant, who died last month.

Let's forget about the ultrarich stuffing funds under their mattresses if - gasp - rates are increased. The ultrarich, including me, will forever pursue investment opportunities.
The billionaire investor Warren Buffet.