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Film round up

Jeremy Clarke

Jon Favreau's enjoyable Chef (cert 15; 114 mins) insults a restaurant critic on Twitter, loses his job and finds himself running a mobile food truck. A Story Of Yonosuke (DVD/BD, cert PG; 160 mins) concerns the life of a student who died young - pleasant enough but lengthy. Better is Believe (cert tbc; 96 mins) with Brian Cox as Sir Matt Busby, tormented by Munich air crash memories, finding himself coaching young boys into a football team. Nanobudget British teen romance Here And Now (cert 12; 81 mins) - in which a city girl away from home in the country falls for a rural lad - is a charming and understated gem.

A Perfect Plan (cert 15; 105 mins) is a lightweight French romcom cum shaggy dog story. You're better off with C├ędric Klapisch's weightier romantic drama Chinese Puzzle (cert 15; 117 mins), in which Romain Duris follows his ex-wife and kids from Paris to New York and gets involved with Audrey Tatou. Michel Gondry's part-stop frame, demented, gag-aminute romp Mood Indigo (cert 12a; 94 mins) also features the same two leads. Godzilla's Juliette Binoche gives a career performance in Bruno Dumont's Camille Claudel 1915 (cert PG; 97 mins), a look at the incarceration of the sculptress which cleverly casts real-life care home workers and residents as nuns looking after lunatics in their convent. The Sacrament (cert 15; 100 mins) is loosely based on 1978's Jonestown massacre; its eventual coercion into mass suicide is all the more chilling because it gets the Christian minutiae right.

Though a poor man's version of The Shining, Blackwood (cert tbc; 90 mins) is an atmospheric ghost story. Slow burner We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (cert 15; 92 mins) delivers a terrific last reel. Jim (Stake Land) Mickle's clever Cold In July (cert 15; 109 mins) starts with a family man discovering a night intruder in his home then proceeds in unnerving directions.

Bleak Night (DVD, cert 15; 116 mins) is a gripping study of South Korean teenage classroom bullying. Harrowing Greek drama Miss Violence (cert 18; 99 mins) concerns a suicide by a pre-teen who jumps off her balcony. More whimsical Swedish hit The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of A Window And Disappeared (cert 15; 114 mins, pictured) is likeable if meandering: see it subtitled not dubbed. The Golden Dream (cert 15; 102 mins) has teen Guatamalans attempt to reach the US in search of a better life. It's a a searing picture of problems faced en route. Moving between English and Chinese, Secret Sharer (cert 12a; 103 mins) has a Polish captain of a Chinese ship harbour a female stowaway. Less raunchy than it sounds, it holds the attention.

Finally, four documentaries. Now: In the wings on a world stage (cert 15; 97 mins) fascinates as it follows Sam Mendes' production of Richard III. I Am Divine (cert E; 90 mins) compellingly chronicles John Waters' notorious drag queen superstar. Mike Myers directs Supermensch: The legend of Shep Gordon (cert tbc; 85 mins) in which the life of the music, film and celebrity chef (!) producer plays out like PR 101. At the other end of the spectrum, Battle Company Korengal (DVD/BD, cert 15; 80 mins) sees one of Restrepo's makers return to the same outpost in Afghanistan.

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