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The High Court has upheld a ban on a radio advertisement that invited UK Christians who feel marginalised at work to report their experiences.

The ad, which was made for Premier Radio, said: 'Surveys have shown that 60% of active Christians are being increasingly marginalised in the work place. We are concerned to get the most accurate data to inform the public debate. We will then use this data to help make a fairer society.'

The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre banned it on the grounds that political advertising on the radio is outlawed by the 2003 Communications Act.

Premier appealed to the High Court, saying it was 'about the most inoffensive proposed ad one could hope to get', and any law that prohibited such expressions would contravene Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights which upholds freedom of expression.

In refusing the appeal, Mr Justice Silber agreed that the ad was political in that it sought information in order to change society.