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June events

Going Digital: Searching for values in the new media environment, is the title of this year's Churches Media Conference. Its aim is to provide a 'unique opportunity for media professionals and faith leaders to engage in a lively debate about the challenges of the digital future.' The event will include keynote sessions on convergence, new media ethics, social networking and new initiatives in faith broadcasting. Contributors include Julian Baggini, Bishop Nick Baines and Clarence Mitchell, the spokesperson for Kate and Gerry McCann. Day passes cost £60, but you can stay at the conference centre (Swanwick, Derbyshire) for the duration of the event, which runs from June 9-11 for £315,. The cost includes all meals. For more details visit

Francis got on well with the birds, Jerome befriended a lion, Withburga saved deer from hunters and Nicholas revived two decapitated donkeys. What do the saints' stories have to teach us about caring for the natural world? To mark the United Nations' World Environment day, Clifton Cathedral is hosting Saints and Sustainability, a lively evening exploring tales of saints who protected the environment. The radio and TV presenter Martin Palmer will take the visitors through 2000 years of Christian engagement with the natural world, bringing to life stories, legends and myths. This presentation is will be followed by a theological reflection produced by Gavin D'Costa, a professor in Christian Theology at Bristol University and the environmental campaigner Mary Colwell. More info is available from

Have you heard of Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat? So asks the West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies, which has asked the authors of Colossians Remixed to lecture on June 6 and 7. Apparently the book 'turns on its head the way we think about Paul's first century letter. It isn't just about a community of Christians in Colossae, small town in Asia Minor, under the domination of Roman imperialism. It's about a community of Christians in Leeds, a city in West Yorkshire, under the domination of global capitalism, postmodernity and consumerism.' The two lectures, entitled 'Colossians Remixed: Faithful living in the shadow of empire' and 'Romans Disarmed: Overcoming evil with good' take place at St Columba United Reformed Church, Leeds and cost £12 per lecture (student or low-income £6). See for more details.