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Angel falls

At midnight on 24 March, police and firefighters arrived at High Street Lofts in Xuhui District, Shanghai, to try and stop a naked man jumping off the roof.

Seeing him still hanging there by his hands, they were glad to find they weren't too late, but less impressed to find that he had wings and was made of plastic.

The falling angel was the work of the artist Liu Jin, whose previous photographic work has repeatedly used images of angels, often bloodied or having issues with gravity.

But now that he has moved on to public sculpture, he is reaching a much wider audience. The piece, 'Wounded Angel', has caused such commotion Liu had to move it five times in as many days.

Other districts of the city are also playing earthly hosts to his heavenly host, including Pudong and Yangpu. One Mrs Wang is said to have had a heart attack at the sight, according to the Shanghai Morning Post.

On the other hand at least one local office worker said she liked the falling angel at High Street Lofts, although, she added, 'I cannot understand what it wants to express'.
Liu explained, 'It reflects the apathy of people'. And yet the response to it has been far from apathy. Nice to know that even in this day and, furthermore, age, the sight of a naked wounded angel clinging for dear life onto the roof of an apartment block can still get a reaction.

Liu says he is planning to introduce 15 more of the challenging - and challenged - angels to the city.