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So they say

My comments do not accurately reflect my views.
Gerry Sutcliffe, the licensing minister, after he was quoted urging the Chancellor to change his mind about duty on alcohol.

Males that age have no feeling toward Israel one way or another, and we view that as a problem, so we came up with an idea that would be appealing to them.
David Dorfman of the Israeli consulate in New York, which approached Maxim magazine with the idea of publishing pictures of semi-clad female soldiers.

I don't care if people worship turtles or frogs if they're good people, and he is a good person. I think he gets a raw deal, just as I think orphans in Malawi get a raw deal.
Madonna on Tom Cruise.

At seven, I realised the impossibility of being Jesus so I considered the way of the priest. Who does not want to be chosen by God? After that, it was only a short step to become an artist.
Anselm Kiefer

Recycling is the new prayer. It doesn't change anything, but it makes you feel better.
The comedian Jimmy Carr

I didn't major in math. I majored in miracles, and I still believe in them.
Governor Mike Huckabee, whose ambition to be President of the USA is fading fast

Why do earthquakes happen? One of the reasons is the things to which the Knesset gives legitimacy - to sodomy.
Shlomo Benizri, a Jewish Orthodox MP in the Israeli Parliament, on earth tremors in the region

There's nothing wrong with being greedy. If you're a businessman, that's what it's about.
The chairman of Amstrad and TV business mogul Alan Sugar

This ship, as it cuts through the water, is going to send a ripple. That ripple will say, 'We cherish our freedom'.
Lee Ielpi, president of the September 11th Families' Association, on the USS New York, a new amphibious assault ship whose motto is 'Never forget'.