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So they say

I'm a son of a Church of Scotland minister. He taught me that life was about more than self interest, that work is about more than self-advancement. That service is about more than self service.
Gordon Brown on his background.

What would your father say?
A BBC Radio Five Live presenter to Gordon Brown after he was overheard describing Gillian Duffy as a 'bigoted'.

I don't want to get into a row with the Archbishop here. But I think the Church [should be] recognising that full equality [for homosexuals] is a bottom line full essential.
David Cameron

She was completely misreported.
David Cameron on Phillipa Stroud, after a member of a church she helped found said that she prayed for homosexuals to be 'cured' of their 'demons'.

I was surprised to see Nick [Clegg] has left GJW off his CV.
A former employee of the lobbying company (which was caught up in the cash-for-access scandals) following Clegg's call for 'openness and
transparency' in politics.