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Film round up

Jeremy Clarke

The Canal (cert 15; 93 mins) is a clever British thriller about a man suspected of murdering his missing wife. Likeable Iranian vampire movie A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (cert 15; 101 mins) is less than the sum of its parts. Gripping German entry The Samurai (DVD, VoD, cert 15; 79 mins) has a sword-wielding maniac terrorising a rural town. Rigor Mortis (DVD cert 18; 98 mins) is a stylish, Hong Kong supernatural horror set in an apartment building. To see how horror is really done, though, check out beautifully restored, seminal 1964 Italian Giallo Blood And Black Lace (BD/DVD combi cert 15; 89 mins).

Han Gong-ju (BD, DVD cert 15; 112 mins) is a terrific Korean teen movie about the aftermath of sexual abuse. 1972's The Offence (BD/DVD combi cert 15; 112 mins, £17.99) is an effective drama with police officer Sean Connery crossing an unconscionable line. Jean Dujardin is great in a gritty role in French cop thriller The Connection (cert 15; 135 mins). Compelling 1967 Japanese gangster thriller Massacre Gun (BD, DVD cert 15; 89 mins) comes with an informative featurette about production company Nikkatsu. The same year's Day of Anger (BD/DVD combi cert 15; 114 + 86 mins) is an impressive Spaghetti Western.

Queen and Country (cert tbc; 115 mins) is John Boorman's worthwhile sequel to Hope and Glory recalling National Service in the fifties. Cult director Sam Fuller is affectionately chronicled in his daughter's documentary A Fuller Life (cert 15; 76 mins). Notorious action schlock producers are remembered, warts and all, in hilarious documentary Electric Boogaloo: The wild, untold story of Cannon Films (cert 18; 107 mins). Lacking objectivity, political documentary We Are Many (cert 12a; 110 mins) retells the story of the anti-Iraq War movement but preaches to the converted. Tove Jansson's charming characters are lovingly animated in Moomins on the Riviera (cert U; 76 mins) with considerable, unexpected visual invention.

Engrossing Maori-language, tribal, martial arts movie The Dead Lands (cert 15; 107 mins) is set in the forests of pre-colonial New Zealand. Landscape, in the form of Norfolk's flat marshlands, also plays a significant role in earthy, coming-ofage drama The Goob (cert 18; 85 mins). Extraordinary 1969 Czech romp Fruit of Paradise (DVD cert 12; 95 + 41 mins) is a visual parable loosely based on the Garden of Eden myth. Elia Kazan's engaging 1960 drama Wild River (BD/DVD combi cert PG; 110 mins) concerns a woman who doesn't want to move out of a valley set to flood when a new dam is built.

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