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The Night Shift Chocolate Awards

Geoffrey Smith

The lights in the chocolate factory windows
Are switched off one by one
Production of dark chocolate gives way to milk

Each desperate demand for assistance
Is greeted with scorn by our competitors
The governing and the governed enjoy our chocolate bars

Cautiously feeling your way to coincidence
You shed skins revealing
The pulsating beauty of milk white flesh

After reviewing his fleet with measured tread
And one hand inside his vest
The Red Admiral defects
For new found prosperity in the west

After destroying your instructions you meet him at dawn
On a shingle shore, signalling with a shuttered lamp
As his submarine noses its way onto land
You wish you had bothered to dress
Offering his hand he whispers is it true that
There's a glass and a half in each breast?

Knowing that a broad alliance of money and culture
Threatens the destruction of all you hold dear
You suckle the child at your breast

Like a giant his eyes wide open
His small hand paws at your blue veined skin
Settling his head he falls asleep, just then
The lights in the chocolate factory announce
Another run of dark chocolate has begun