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So they say...

Holy in name but not in nature. Lesley Andrews, one of a number of residents on Holy Island - Lindisfarne, considered by many to be the cradle of British Christianity - who object to the construction of a new chapel there. 'We are a secular community,' she said. 'We are not all agnostic or atheist but we are secular.'

Among believers, women are much more likely to be definite than men, and among nonbelievers, men are much more likely to be definite than women. Professor David Voas on a UCL Institute of Education survey which found that 60% of women but only 35% of men believe in life after death. 54% of the men said they were atheists or agnostics, compared to 34% of the women.

Well, that's what we call a 'bad precedent'. So if representatives of the churches are allowed to do that, then logically we as representatives of science are allowed to do the same. Or is that 'persecution'? Dr Hugh Briss, spokesperson for the Federation for Furthering Science. The group has decided, following the ecumenical church campaign against against the introduction of mitochondrial donation, to respond in kind by interfering as much as possible with religious matters.

14,056. Lindsay Hardin Freeman, who counted the words spoken by women in the (NRSV) Bible. That's 1.1% of the total.