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So they say

When I was going for my interview to see whether I was going to be ordained, one of the questions was 'Are you  ambitious?', to which the correct answer was meant to be 'No'. I said, 'Yes'. The bishop looked askance at me, and I said: 'It's all right, it's just that I would quite like to play Doctor Who one day'.
Chris Bryant MP

10-20%. More likely than stable black holes, but still a long shot.
The chance of the Large Hadron Collider discovering God according to a blogger at 

Superheroes are  brilliant role models. I think something  idealistic like that is good. It's the same way as 2,000 years ago you had Jesus; someone who is teaching you values or peace or whatever. You can't go wrong if kids are brought up with that kind of stuff.
Mark Millar, the comic book author and creator of Kick-Ass.