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The approval rating of the beast


Whatever bad news the polls may have for Gordon Brown, at least he can take consolation from the fact that he is not held by a major part of the population to be the Antichrist.  

The situation is not so happy or indeed sane for Barak Obama, according to a Harris Poll conducted in the US in March. It found that 14% of the population thought he might be the Antichrist. Of course (if you can use the phrase after a sentence like that), the majority of them were republicans, but a fifth were Democrats, which conjures the bewildering image of voters saying, 'I admit, he probably is the Beast of Revelation, sent by Satan to lead the world in a final doomed war against God, but I do feel it's time for a change'.

Other figures from the survey - which included 2,320 adults - will raise eyebrows further. One-third of correspondents believe their President is a Muslim. Two-fifths consider Obama to be a socialist, a group which includes not only two-thirds of Republicans, but one in five people with post-graduate qualifications.

29% say they believe Obama wants to turn over the sovereignty of the USA to a one-world government. 13% say he wants the terrorists to win.
23% say he is racist, 23% say anti-American, 23% say he wants dictatorial powers - possibly a pretty similar 23% in each case.

20% say he 'is doing many of the things that Hitler did', which is hard to argue with taken literally. Presumably the 6% of Democrat voters who agreed were thinking of the nice things Hitler did.

A lot of US citizens must be on the edge of their seats, perhaps wondering when he'll stop mucking about with healthcare reform and sending troops to Iraq, and get a move on.