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Better the Devil you know

WIObamaSatan.jpgHe is often described as a Muslim or a communist but Barack Obama may have reason to feel even more aggrieved after the hit US mini-series The Bible cast an actor with a striking resemblance to the US President as the Devil himself.

Viewers in the USA were left bemused following the first appearance of actor Mehdi Ouzaani in role of Satan in the glossy History Channel series, which has become a surprise hit on the other side of the Atlantic. After an episode aired in mid-March, the right-wing commentator Glenn Beck tweeted to millions of his followers : 'Does Satan look EXACTLY like Obama? Yes!'

The Bible has already been criticised for the dubiously good-looking cast of actors selected to play biblical characters in the series. However, its slick production values and religious theme has won over millions of viewers in the USA. The show's producer, Mark Burnett, more famous for reality TV shows, told Entertainment Weekly that 'the hand of God' was on the series.'

Viewers in the UK will get a chance to make up their own minds when Channel 5 screens the series in the Autumn.