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Coat of many colours


Two residents of the street that houses the infamous anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church have decided to use their property to make a point - by painting it in the traditional Christian colours of peace: the rainbow.

The homeowners, part of the Planting Peace campaigning collective, call their place 'Equality House' and say it 'will stand as a visual reminder of our commitment, as global citizens, to equality for all.'

'This home, beyond the powerful imagery of what it represents, is also going to be used as a place for our volunteers to live in,' said Aaron Jackson, the group's founder.

'The concept is to show that where there is hate, there is also love.  There is no better place to counterbalance hate than at the Westboro Baptist Church.'

Jackson said he is not nervous about the church's reaction. 'This is just a friendly protest,' he said. 'We're promoting equality and helping to sustain anti-bullying campaigns that are already in place.'

The Westboro Baptist Church was founded in 1955 by Pastor Fred Phelps and engages, among other things, in what it calls 'daily peaceful sidewalk demonstrations opposing the homosexual lifestyle of soul-damning, nation-destroying filth.' The group has been known to picket high-profile funerals around the nation with incendiary signs deriding gays or with slogans like 'God Hates America.'

Steve Drain, a devout follower of the church, told The Log journal that Planting Peace's decision to paint the house the colors of the gay pride flag was only a story because of where it is located.'It's not really that bold of a move at all,' he insisted. 'I love that house because it represents and sheds light on our message that God hates fags.'