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Film round up

Jeremy Clarke

Historically accurate, Wooden Crosses (BD/ DVD combi, cert PG; 115 mins) laments WW1's fallen. Rosselini's masterful WW2 War Trilogy (BD cert 12; 301 mins) comprises Rome Open City (DVD, cert 12; 116 mins), Paisà (DVD, cert PG; 121 mins) and Germany Year Zero (DVD, cert PG; 70 mins), respectively filming Rome under the Nazis, American GIs in Italy and Germans surviving post-war Berlin. Enjoyable romp A Royal Night Out (cert 12a; 97 mins) posits young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret out on the town on VE Day. Phoenix (cert 12a; 98 mins) has a Holocaust survivor come home to the husband who betrayed her. Abandoned in 1946 and only now reconstructed, German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (cert 18; 128 mins) is the numbing MOI documentary Allied cameramen shot entering the Nazi death camps. Its proximity to events dwarfs minor historical inaccuracies. Andrew Niccol's impressive, contemporary Good Kill (cert 15; 104 mins) has Vegas based soldier Ethan Hawke targeting drone warheads at Iraqis.

Gripping Western The Salvation (cert 15; 92 mins) features Mads Mikkelsen hunting the feared outlaw leader who killed his wife. Anthony Mann's classic Man of the West (BD/DVD combi cert 12; 100 mins) achieves much with little. Gangs also appear in Sion Sono's bizarre Japanese rap musical Tokyo Tribe (cert 18; 116 mins) and Ukraine's The Tribe (cert 18; 130 mins), a crime and prostitution school story executed in sign language.

Powell and Pressburger's magnificent The Tales of Hoffmann (BD, DVD cert U; 133 mins) is a filmed realisation of Offenbach's opera. Schoolgirls collapse inexplicably in The Falling (cert 15; 102 mins). Three Asian- English men seek love in multicultural London comedy Amar Akbar & Tony (cert 15; 96 mins). Alan Rickman's gentle A Little Chaos (cert 12a; 118 mins) concerns 17th Century, Versailles landscape gardener Kate Winslet.

A rich Columbian woman's family ostracises the poor boy she's taken in in Gente De Bien (cert 12a; 86 mins). Portugal's The Invisible Life (cert PG; 103 mins) throws an office worker into turmoil when his boss dies. In Taiwan's Exit (cert 15; 94 mins) a lonely woman surreptitiously cares for a comatose hospital patient. Hilarious Czech sex comedy Traps (DVD cert 18; 116 mins) hits its targets head on. Provocative drama Clouds of Sils Maria (cert tbc; 125 mins) has hard working PA Kristen S t e w a r t accompany ageing movie star Juliette Binoche

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