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So they say...

A.D. How Jesus is saving primetime

The cover of America's TV Guide, celebrating the NBC show about the life of Christ. It was the most watched show on the night that it first aired and a number one trend on Twitter.

The religion of the universe

How the Japanese engineer Akira Haraguchi describes memorising pi. He broke a Guinness World Record with a recitation of the first 100,000 digits.

If we define extremism too widely, then we narrow the mainstream too much. Then it's only nice people talking to nice people about being nice.

Justin Welby on how unexciting religion allows extremism to flourish.

We are offering a place for people to pray so it made perfect sense … we should be offering that, we are the Church of England.

Rev Canon Giles Goddard, who allowed a Muslim service of prayer to be carried out at his church, St John's, Waterloo.