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Events - April 2009

The Librarians' Christian Fellowship is an association of Christians working in the field of library and information provision. Their annual conference is open to non-members and takes place this year at St. Nicholas' Church, Nottingham, on April 25.
Andii Bowsher will be speaking on Adam and Dewey, discussing how Adam giving names to the animals may be relevant in a knowledge economy and amid technological and cultural change. Rhona Floate will take a session entitled Desert Island Texts: resources for integrating occupation and vocation. This will be a workshop style presentation on the relationship between one's occupation and faith.
The booking fee for the conference is £24 (£18 unwaged), which includes lunch and refreshments. For further information contact Graham Hedges (020 8871 7467; secretary@

Looking for creative Christian audio to use in church, in the classroom or on the radio? For short audio items suitable for both non-Christian and Christian audiences, take a look at an all-new website called Audiopot, launched in March by HCJB Global, the missionary radio organization.
The pieces are described as 'non-cheesy' though, of course, we'll let you be the judge of that. All audio is free to download.

Angela Wright at WallspaceWallspace, in All Hallows Church, London Wall, is an exhibition space designed to explore the relationships between art and spirituality. The 2009 programme starts this spring with an installation aimed at chiming with the church seasons of Lent and Easter.
189 MILES: Wool Installation has been created by the artist Angela Wright. It is a large-scale piece made specifically for and inspired by the ceiling of All Hallows on the Wall. It features a huge bundle of wool, which will hang suspended above the nave. The yarn - all 103lb and 189 miles of it - will hang as two cascading hanks parted like a doorway and spilling out across the floor. Visitors will be able to stand close and walk inside the piece, touch and feel its enclosing warmth.
The exhibition is free and is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with special viewings over the Easter weekend. On Easter Saturday the artist will also be running a 'Wonderful Wool Workshop' for families with children aged 6-10. It starts at 2pm and booking is essential. .