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Summer events

A common perception today is that science and religion are incompatible. St Paul's Institute wants to find out whether this is really the case . Can we truly understand the mysteries of the universe, the world and ourselves without a constructive dialogue between science and religion? Seeking Truth: Science, Mystery and Human Identity, the Institute's Autumn programme, seeks to begin that dialogue. The series brings together scientists, philosophers and theologians to explore the 'big questions' that touch us all: how did the universe evolve, what is the place of humans within creation, how do our minds work and what do we mean by the human soul?

The flagship debates begin in October (see next month's issue for details) but throughout September there will be a sermon on a scientific theme at one of the Sunday services. There will also be a training day for clergy, hosted by the Bishop of London, to address issues raised by Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion. Invited speakers include John Cornwell, author of Darwin's Angel: An angelic riposte to The God Delusion, theologian Keith Ward, Methodist Minister and astrophysicist David Wilkinson, and Third Way's own Lucy Winkett, Precentor of St Paul's Cathedral. It takes place on September 26. There is also an installation, Science and St Paul's, telling the story of the scientists involved with the cathedral, including Wren's plans to create an observatory in the cathedral and Hooke's experiments to design the famous dome.

For further information call 020 7489 1011 or email


It's hard to beat a nice cup of tea. But some tea is more equal than others. Tea time is a Christian Aid fundraising event that you host, promoting fairly-traded tea and raising money for the fight against poverty.

The event ran last year with more than 2,000 tea parties from Sheffield to Sri Lanka.To join in, all you have to do to help is invite your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours to join you for a cuppa on September 19. You can host your Tea Time anywhere you like - last year one Tea Time took place up a church tower.

It could be a posh do with hundreds of guests, or your best pals and a cracked old teapot. Just ask everyone to give a donation to Christian Aid. The charity has put everything you need - invitations, colourful posters, even cake recipes - into a handy event pack. Get yours at or call 0870 076 7766.