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People of the book


42 per cent of Jewish students in UKā€ˆuniversities say they witnessed anti-Semitism in the first half of last academic year, according to a survey by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. 20 per cent were personally subjected to anti-Semitism and 21% said they were worried about it.

Anti-Semitic incidents were most prevalent in Scotland, where 52 per cent of students witnessed them, while in London the figure drops to 33 per cent.
The survey also considered the connection between anti-Semitism and attitudes to Israel. 51 per cent of respondents said thay had very positive feelings towards Israel, while  11 per cent had either negative or ambivalent feelings. Those who were very positive about Israel were 30per cent more likely to have witnessed anti-semitism than those who were fairly positive.

One student said that while he experienced outright anti-Semitism outside, 'In uni, it's generally just posters up, like '[Israel] apartheid' but what you've got to do is take them down, and your problem is solved'.

Another said, 'Whether or not it's antisemitic, you never know. It's difficult to tell. It's certainly anti-Israel, but you think there might be something in it, but who knows?'