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Let me count the reasons



Other magazines will tell you the 'how' of sex, at great length if you let them, and perhaps the 'where' and 'when', but we can tell you why.
In Why Women Have Sex Cindy Meston and David Buss have published the results of their own surveys and other research. They found that women are more likely to have sex for sheer physical pleasure than men, though physical attraction to a person was the main reason given by both men and women.
84% of wives said that they usually or always comply when their spouse wants to have sex and they don't, compared to 64% of husbands. 
53% of women say they have tried to lure someone out of a relationship, while 93% of men and 84% of women say someone has tried to lure them.
One in ten female student women admitted to 'having sex for presents'.
Reasons given by individual women include 'to make my sexual skills better',  'for a clearer complexion' and playing against type, to relieve a headache. One said she did it for a spiritual experience, because it is 'the closest thing to God'.
There is perhaps something in the book about having children, but we haven't come across it yet.