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So they say...

"When I was growing up, the weekend was always the time that we put on our best outfit, sang, pleaded for one last chance to impress the big guy and promised we wouldn't let him down if he would just make our dearest wish come true. People don't really go to church any more, though. If we can't have God, I guess Simon Cowell will have to do."
The radio DJ Lauren Laverne.

"It's not Mecca. It's Mecca-hattan. This tower and the lights in it are like Vegas"
The Saudi architect Sami Angawi, critical of luxury high-rises that have changed the character of Islam's holiest city.

"I'm not a follower of any religion. My church is my home and my kids, and as far as I can see, I'm living in heaven. As for going into a church and saying sorry - well, I can say sorry to my wife."
The actor Ray Winstone.