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Do we not bleed?


A comic book battle has broken out between the far-from-comic forces of anti-Semitism and Zionism.

Foreskin Man, one of the more unlikely superheroes, stars in a Marvel-style comic, now in its third issue, and published online by Matthew Hess. As well as creating comics, Hess is the president of MGM Bill, an 'intactivist' group which aims to get circumcision - or 'male genital mutilation - outlawed throughout the US.

Any suspicions that this is mere anti-Semitism are amply confirmed by the comic itself. Dr Mutilator forces unwilling mothers to have their babies viciously disfigured, and when confronted by Foreskin Man turns into a hideous dark-skinned monster. By day, Foreskin Man is a campaigner against circumcision, whose work is hampered by being strapped for cash - a fact that could be linked to his vast, space age underground cavern. In issue two he fights Monster Mohel, an orthodox rabbi.

In the opposite corner, Captain Israel is published (on actual paper) by Stand With Us, an Israeli lobby based in Los Angeles, and written by Arlen Schumer. Though he boasts 3000 years of heroic adventures, all Captain Israel does in the comic is tell the history of the Jewish people from the Roman Empire to its struggle to survive in the face of 'Palestinian terrorism'.

A second issue promises to deal with the 'bigotry, divisiveness and slander' of Palestinian lobbyists, but has not been published. Reports suggest, strangely, that Stand With Us objected to extracts from Luther's anti-Semitic tracts The Jews And Their Lies.

In the meantime, Schumer has produced a single page of superhero action in which, as you might expect Captain Israel gets the better of Foreskin Man, and calls him, not unreasonably, 'a cousin to the cross-burning, Jew-hating, Klu Klux Klan'. Whether Foreskin Man will fight back remains to be seen. His current issue features the defeat of female circumcision in Africa by Vulva Girl.