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According to Elvis

Elvis Presley's Bible was sold at auction in Stockport in September, fetching £59,000. The red letter King James Bible was given to Elvis for his first Christmas in Graceland in 1957.

It proved of interest not just because it was the property of the King, but because it contains his words. Elvis had underlined numerous passages and written in the margins.

Some of his additions are imports from other versions of the Bible, such as 'What is a man advantaged if he gain the whole world and lose himself or be cast away?'.

In Job, the King has underlined the verse: 'He hath stripped me of my glory, and taken the crown from my head'. On the other hand, his annotations bring some much needed motivational uplift to Ecclesiastes: 'With the Holy Spirit we can move mountains'.

At the back, he added: 'To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave'.

The Bible went for more than twice the expected price at the auction, but another item which was up for sale, an unwashed pair of Presley's pants designed to avoid visible lines on stage, which was expected to go for £10,000, failed to make the asking price.