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Eid eat

While French politicians have been arguing about whether to ban the burqua, a Paris-based fast-food outlet has been rather keener to appeal to Muslims.
The restaurant chain Quick - second in France to McDonalds - has recently announced that from September a number of its stores will be selling halal meat in their burgers.

France has more Muslims - six million - than any other EU country, and sales of halal products reached €4 billion in 2009. Quick is looking to take advantage of the growing market.

The move has provoked anger in the usual far-right quarters of Le Front National, but the socialist mayor of Roubaix and centre-right members of President Nicolas Sarkozy's party have also protested, describing it as 'discriminatory' and 'sectarian'.

The food outlet was quick to point out that there have been halal or kosher restaurants in the country for decades. And while the burgers in the restaurants will come from halal beef (with bacon being replaced by turkey), non-halal products - from fish to cheese  - were still available.

Unfortunately, the chain has failed to recognise the importance of those other products. 'All food must be validated, else there's no point,' says Cheikh Al Sid Cheikh, assistant to the rector of the Paris Mosque. The chain also sells alcohol.