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So they say

The thing is - how to put this gently to Professor Hawking? - that God does not necessarily follow our arguments about His existence. Who could blame Him if He has become tired of them?
A Guardian editorial following Stephen Hawking's claim that God was not necessary for an explanation of the universe.

Dear Richard Dawkins, you're right, there is no God. Well done, now fuck off.
The comedian Jeremy Hardy.

When I was a boy I wondered why they sang so mournful in church. The teacher told me: 'If we were singing to try to get your attention, we'd sing it the way you want it sung. But we're not trying to reach you. We're trying to reach a
little higher'.
The Reverend Al Green

Do not trouble deaf heaven with your bootless cries. Unless,  of course, it makes you feel better.
Christopher Hitchens, the author of God is Not Great, to those praying for healing for his cancer.