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Events for October 2009

Miriam JonesThe recession has brought some despondency to events in October. Britain is in a mess, says the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, but it does have an idea how Christians can help make it better. How Christians can Bring About a Social Revo-lution: The Relational Agenda is an evening of discussion with Dr Michael Schluter CBE.

Dr Michael trained as an economist before working as a consultant with the International Food Policy Research Institute and the World Bank in East Africa. In 1982 he established the Jubilee Centre, a Christian think tank focusing on social and economic issues and in 1994 launched the Relationships Foundation, a research and campaigning organisation that aims to change the world through good relationships.

The event will also see the launch of a new book from the LICC director Mark Greene. Titled The Greatest Idea in the World, it aims to speak to a country where 'Families are falling apart; one in eight adults is on anti-depressants; and there is evidence of greed, not just in the City and in Parliament, but all over our popular culture.'  This all takes place on October 19 at St Peter's Church, Vere St, London, at 6.45pm. Admission is £7 (concessions £5) and there will be refreshments provided. See for more details.

Also at LICC, and in line with the prevailing mood, is Visions of God in a Dark World: A Study Day on Ezekiel. Antony Billington (a lecturer in Hermeneutics and MA course leader at the London School of Theology) will offer a day's introduction to the book, focusing especially on the main visions throughout Ezekiel's ministry, which map out the movement from judgment to restoration of the people of God. That's not until 18 November, so you've plenty of time to do the necessary booking. It starts at 10.00am at Vere St, costs £10 (£7 concessions) and refreshments are again provided. Again, see the website or call 0207 399 9555 for further information.

As the nights starts to draw in this month you may need something to alleviate the gloom. 'The world is full of much dross' says singer/songwriter Miriam Jones (pictured) but also 'so much beauty, and it's the beautiful that is helping to build the new heavens and the new earth.' She's been recording a 'Solitary Song' for each month since April, available for free download at The site says she plays Oxford on the first and London on the 16th -  we say go hear October's.