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So they say...

"The United States military doesn't do pinpricks."

Barack Obama, on the likely effect of intervention in Syria.


"God told me to do it."

The former pope, Benedict XVI, finally explains his February decision to step down.


"The most fundamental reason why Christians should feel at home in the Liberal Democrats is that the character of God, as revealed in the Christian Gospel, would suggest that God must be a liberal. This assertion will shock or offend some, but ... there is no other conclusion that can be drawn from ... the New Testament."

Steve Webb MP for Thornbury and Yate and the Minister of State for Pensions, in a collection of essays called Liberal Democrats Do God by Lib Dem MPs and peers who aim to show that Christianity can contribute positively to politics.


"When you're famous you have a certain power to do good things."

Victoria Beckham, in response to her son Cruz asking "Why is it good to be famous, mum?"