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So they say

There is a saying in Korea that my coach uses all the time. 'If you work hard, the sky will know.'
Kim Hyeon-woo, who won a gold for South Korea  in the 66kg Greco-Roman wrestling.

From our earliest years we learn to suspect disbelief, and that apparently is also how we condition impressionable brains to absorb religious hogwash.
Jeremy Paxman, interviewing Richard Dawkins. After complaints, the BBC Trust ruled that the comments were offensive but not biased.

We consider them a distinct unreached people group. That ponytail is really a cry for help.
Bart Lester, launching the mission of St. Paul Bible College, Minnesota, to longhaired men.

This is what I get for trying to share the best thing that ever happened to me? I couldn't bring myself to put them on my car.
Sally Warner, who became a Christian through reading Titus, and so ordered registration plates saying 'TITUS 4U'. They came missing the first U. The licensing department say she must use them until new ones arrive.