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So they say

Every man will find himself in a great battle. The Bible promises it is so. We live in a world at war, an epic struggle of good and evil begun before the dawn of time. Learning how to fight in this battle is essential for every man.
The Colorado evangelical, John Eldredge, whose words have been taken up by a brutal drug gang in Mexico. The gang buys copies of his books and uses them in its induction of new recruits.  Another part involves teaching them to cut off victims' heads.

[Barack Obama] doesn't understand that some of the things he's introducing that many of us call 'raw socialism' [are] bringing us closer to the Apocalypse.
Tim LaHaye, the co-author of the Left Behind novels.

I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-life. I refuse to be anti-science. In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen.
Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire, in a Facebook status update.