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The medieval world

More expensive than satnav, and a lot less reliable, the 13th-century Psalter World Map is part of the British Library's exhibition Magnificent Maps: Power, propaganda and art.


East is at the top, closest to Christ, Jerusalem at the centre point, and Europe in the bottom left quarter, including Britain, and Ireland in the outer sea that rings the earth, directly above the dragons of hell. Below Jerusalem in green is the Mediterranean, while the (literal) Red Sea is top right, complete with a path across it for the Children of Israel. Above Jerusalem is the Sea of Galilee, with a fish for the disciples to catch.

North-east of Jerusalem is a crescent Noah's Ark on Arrarat, and beyond it the walled Land of the Unclean, where Gog and Magog hide ready to destroy the world at the end of time. At the south of Africa are 14 monstrous races. To the right of the Garden of Eden are the forests which grow on the sun and moon.
The exhibition is free and continues until 19 September.