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RS Thomas

I had never been there before,
nor maybe had anyone else,
though the ring contradicted,
remembering the long oars
and the galleys like shadows
that came with the rising sun
and the frost on their armour.

What was the song from the rocks,
grey seals or the carolling of mermaids?
I had believed anything
in the half light with the great. sea-horses
straining at their bridles.
God was never in charge here,
I repeated, eyeing the wrinkles

in worn cheeks too old to be human.
Yet why, if there were no God,
had I been brought there? To discover
him in silence or rather in his absence?
Suddenly I understood: the heaving
of the water was himself breathing.
The age was to remind how young

was a presence that had been there
for ever. I realised the wideness
of the sky was his face gazing;
that the curvature of ocean
was the emblem of a mind
rounded like space yet always expanding,
so the keeled stars could navigate him for ever


RS Thomas