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Consider the birds

A ban on feeding seagulls at seaside resorts in North Wales has been shelved because it may offend religious people. Councillors in Conwy were considering the introduction of cash fines for animal lovers who feed the nuisance birds ut officials were told that some religions encourage believers to care for animals, which includes feeding birds. Jim Jones, the head of head of tourism and leisure for Conwy council, said: 'We looked at the issue of fines, but were told it's the right to feed birds within some religions.' Dai Evans, 57, said: 'The seagulls are a total menace, I can't believe they're being protected by human rights. It seems like nothing can be done to get rid of these birds.' The gulls, which have grown to a massive size after feasting on litter and leftovers, flock around bins and peck at pedestrians and al fresco diners. Postmen have been refusing to deliver mail after a number of sorties by gulls protecting their chicks. A Conwy council spokeswoman added: 'There isn't a bylaw regarding the feeding of seagulls although we do actively discourage it.' David Cameron has said a 'big conversation' is needed about tackling aggressive seagulls following the spate of attacks on people and animals.'