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Summer events

What made British artist Gwen John carry out no fewer than eight versions of the same painting - the subject of which was a seventeenth-century French nun? John and her relationship with the Roman Catholic Church are the focus of the first summer exhibition at the Barber Institute in Birmingham, which opens on 4 July.

Reunited: Gwen John, Mere Poussepin and the Catholic Church is the first exhibition to examine the spiritual side of this reclusive, yet passionate and obsessive British artist, and how her conversion affected her work. The exhibition runs July 4 - September 21, 10-5 pm (except Sunday, noon - 5 pm) and admission is free. See for more details.


After a successful first season of events, London's newest spirituality centre - Breathing Space @ St Luke's church, West Holloway - now has a second season of events in full swing. On Sunday 13 July, at 7pm, is Soul Space, an 'ambient, chill-out style worship service', at which you're told to expect 'evocative images, meditative music, creative thinking and space for contemplation.

Then on Friday 25 July, 7.30pm, each line of the Lord's Prayer will be chanted and sung. In Aramaic. With dance. If that sounds like your sort of thing (we're told the event can produce a meditative space or an energetic and fiery one), then email for details. The cost will be £5.

Breathing Space will break for August, but will be back in September with another inspiring programme. The vicar (and author of The Post-Evangelical) Dave Tomlinson says it 'will continue to resource the personal growth of Londoners, providing paths to connect with and explore their spiritual lives. There are opportunities for people to explore their creative sides, engage in intellectual debate and find space for contemplation.


This year Greenbelt has recruited another crew of interesting speakers and musicians not least Third Way's editor and deputy, though sadly not on mainstage. Fightstar and Michael Franti lead the way there, with Philip Yancey and Brian MacLaren among the much awaited speakers.

Third Way will have a stand alongside the Church Times and girls' mag Caris, and will need some help to staff it. Should you be able to give us five hours of your time, we will provide you with a free weekend ticket as well as our gratitude. Email if you're interested, and of course see for festival info.