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The Da Vinci Show

Greenaway's Last Supper

You may not be able to update a masterpiece, but you can show it in a new light. The director Peter Greenaway has done this literally, projecting a light show onto Leonardo's Last Supper in Milan.

The project has been on and off for months, due to the mixed feelings of the city's Catholic authorities, and talk of sacrilege - artistic and religious - and damage to the mural. It eventually went ahead on 1 July after Greenaway agreed to remove the most controversial elements, which included genitalia taken from other paintings of Christ projected onto Leonardo's Jesus.

Critical reaction has been mixed. The writer Marisa Dalai Emiliani insisted 'The Last Supper doesn't need any added value', while the critic Vittorio Sgarbi said, 'It has reconsecrated the painting after Dan Brown deconsecrated it'.

Greenaway is hoping to stage the show in the UK with a replica painting, before moving on to the Sistine Chapel.

See an extract at the Guardian.