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The Glasto code

WayinGlasto.jpgWhy did stories of St Joseph of Arimathea and even Jesus coming to England only surface in the 12th century?

The obvious answer is that it never happened, but a new film offers a more interesting take on the matter. And Did Those Feet…: Did Jesus come to England? presents the theory of Rev Gordon Strachan that it really happened but was then covered up by a Dan Brown style Catholic conspiracy.

He finds standing stones in Gezer, Israel-Palestine, like ones in Britain, just six miles from the Church of St Joseph of Arimathea, and pointing towards a village called Ayalon, which sounds a lot like Avalon.

He visits Sepphoris, four miles from Nazareth, where a theatre has been excavated, built on the architectural principles of Vitruvius, who drew from Pythagoras. Pythagoras and his followers were interested in the mystical significance of numbers, so it follows that 'Jesus had been a Pythagorean Essene, and that he would have wanted to come to the source of the Pythagorean tradition which was most probably in Britain, in the far north, and meet the druids who were the custodians of the ancient wisdom'.

Glastonbury abbey may have this fact encoded in its layout, though Strachan has not yet managed to crack the code.